Licensing Info

I strive to make this process as simple and as forward moving as possible. We both share some basic concerns, however, I believe the most important thing involved is the music and the project in which it will be used. With that said, there are a few options listed below.

Custom Music License

Applies to custom music created for a company, person, or entity by Franco Eneiro. The use rights for the created piece are exclusive to the purchaser, which means only they (the group, company or individual) have the sole right to use the music.
Rights Granted :
  • You are granted license of the custom music which is created by Franco Eneiro an exclusive, non-transferable, single project license to use the licensed music in your multimedia project.
  • You are authorized to synchronize the music in timed relation with a single production, such as an application, game, film, internet video, photo slideshow, presentation, or other digital media.
  • You are authorized to make adjustments to the file in order to change file types, adjust the length or loop of the music, or alter the overall volume.
Limitations :
  • The music must be used as an accompaniment to the main production.
  • You are not authorized to add lyrics, vocals or additional instruments or sounds to music without the express written permission of Sounds By Franco Eneiro.
  • You are not authorized to remix the music or sample the music and use it along with other musical material.
  • You are not authorized to copy, duplicate, resell, provide access to, or give away unsynchronized music from Sounds By Franco Eneiro for use through stand-alone downloads, ringtones, streaming audio, audio CDs or any other delivery method without permission .

Royalty Free Tracks

This refers to compositions listed in my catalog/portfolio/listed in the “Featured Compositions” section. These sell for $.99 for the actual track and $9.99 or $39.99 for a license depending on it’s intended use. The royalty free license allows the music to be used in an unlimited number of videos and productions for one licensed end-user.

License A: Non-commercial home/student license: $9.99

This type of license is for non-commercial (i.e. not for sale or monetary gain, not advertising any paid product or service) and non-broadcast (i.e. not on TV) use. Some examples are:
  • Educational establishments (schools, colleges, universities etc.),
  • film trailers
  • personal websites
  • free podcasts
  • user-generated content aggregators
  • social networking sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. Monetised Youtube videos not advertising a product or service)
So, in other words, this license only refers to use in personal context.

License B: Commercial non-broadcast license $39.99

This type of license is for one commercial, non-broadcast (no TV)  use of a track. This also is has a limit of 1,000 sales on physical media (DVD, ect). For an extended license covering a wider range of sales contact me. Examples include:
  • Films, Shorts, ect
  • Documentaries
  • Commercial podcasts
  • Background music for websites
  • Corporate/business/client presentations
  • Live presentations
  • Commercial Youtube videos
This license does not cover any productions which are intended for TV/cinema/radio broadcast use. For this type of a license contact me.